Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wow I cant believe that it has been so long since I posted on here LOL oh well better late than never   This last couple of months have been so busy. I have several new jobs, I deliver flowers for bice's florist in Hurst Texas. I and networking 2 days a week for our plumbing company and if you add being a mom to 3 boys that are continuously making me laugh its a great life.  I am at a time in life where I feel like I'm loosing control but I know god in in control so I hand him the rains to my life and let him guide me through each day with him leading the way I'm sure it will be fine.  I am really looking forward to summer it starts tomorrow at 12:40 for us its the last day of school for us. Yayy  I'm so excited to be able to sleep late one or two days a week. I don't have any funny stories about the kids this time but I'm sure that will change I will try and remember to post on here more.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shopping with Boys!

Today we went shopping for school clothes.  I despise shopping with kids I would rather go alone and get what I want.... well my kids informed me I don't get what they like so I took them with me......   2 hours in Kohl's to find 4 complete outfits minus shoes we ran out of time tonight.    I think it should of gone faster but who am I they got everything they picked out so they are happy I will be happy when shoes are bought and school has started!     I just wanted to rant a little thanks for listening.   Oh and it was even tax free weekend to help out on the cost! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend away !

Over the weekend 1/2 of my family left town. I stayed behind to set up my scrapbook table  and drag all my goodies out in the living room to camp out all weekend and have a solo retreat weekend :)
I enjoyed the quite time!  I got to go celebrate fathers day with my dad at logans roadhouse in burlesson. My  family came home later to tell me all about their adventures of being at the ranch in Comanche TX.
My son Samuel was on the tractor all weekend hauling dirt for his dad and grandpa from the dried up tank so they can pour a cement porch around the house they are building there. He is almost 11 and can do allot of things most kids his age cant. Ben was on the four wheeler all weekend  delivering water and gator aids to his dad  working on a tractor that has Air conditioner with a enclosed cab. He is spoiled now he wants ac for ever now when he is on the tractor LOL... Samuel was a good helper this weekend he had a good time helping his dad. They experienced a sick cow that  has a infection. So the vet was called to come out and check on him/her they got to watch all of what the vet did to the cow and can tell you in detail where the vet had put his hands and what he did to that poor sick cow.  Sam watched it convulse and  twitch he felt bad for the cow  so he petted him on his head to help him feel better:)  When they left to come back to fort worth the cow was up and looking around, So keep your fingers crossed that next weekend when they return to the ranch the cow will be alive. We are planning on going to Huricane harbor friday but we have to clean our peice of the world before we get to go play part of being grown up I guess Work first play later! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The tale of the lizard with no tail.

A week or so ago my youngest son  Ben walked in to my office to show me what he had been on the hunt for in the back yard.  Well it was a chameleon lizard that changes colors.  He was holding it in his hand and he said mom look well when he raised his hand the lizard jumped out of his hand and went on the floor under my desk in my home office.  He tried to get it but failed so I thought to my self he will come out or die!  Right? Well he came out a few days later I tried to catch him but only got his tail in my hand. ewww!  and its flipping around like it supposed to do when they loose one. Well now I have a tail~less lizard in my office somewhere I don't know where.    I went to send a fax yesterday and there he was just looking at me so I tried to catch him again and he got away again!!!! H is a fast little thing. LOL
I haven't seen him today but I'm sure he is getting thirsty or hungry by now its been a week or he may have met his maker by now. LOL who knows.  Until next time!